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About Dog Sponsorship

Your generous donation helps us get to the start line of our races in the following ways:

  • Kibble - Our dogs eat the highest quality commercial kibble produced for canine athletes. Ranging from $60-$70 per bag, this kibble has extremely high caloric and nutritional value. We spare no expense when it comes to powering our beautiful athletes and friends!

  • Meat - We buy ground beef, liver and beef fat by the ton. Our dogs need a special formula of meat, kibble and supplements to receive a huge number of calories (10,000 per day while racing and training) and we purchase a variety of combinations so even the pickiest eaters are accommodated.

  • Booties - Booties are mandatory race gear, and are made of lightweight nylon-cordura with a Velcro strap. We go through about 5,000 booties per race season, and they are nearly a dollar apiece.

  • Supplements - Our dogs get electrolytes, psyllium, vitamin E, and probiotics every single day of the racing season.

  • Travel Expenses - We transport our dogs in a 1-ton dually diesel Dodge Ram 3500 flatbed with a 16-dog box. For the Yukon Quest alone, we will drive approximately 2,600 miles roundtrip.