The Dogs of Hey Moose! Kennel.

These are our teams, each stepping up to a different calling: the race team achieving the highest levels of athleticism in the world; the freight team using their skill and knowledge to support remote expeditions; and the yearlings learning how to camp and travel before testing their skills on the race trail in the coming years.


Help Support Us.

Help keep our kennel thriving. It costs about $1,000 per dog per year to maintain the high-level training, nutrition and vet care required of our racing kennel. Make a contribution of your choice via PayPal, or choose a dog to sponsor below. Sponsors will be named & linked here on the Dogs Page. If you have a company logo available, we will happily use that on the Home Page. Pick a favorite dog today & do your part to keep these sleds moving.


The Freight Team.

These dogs love to run and pull, they just don't like to race. They spend the winter running 10-30 miles a day, hauling passengers and gear out into the remote wilds of Denali. They break trail, camp out at cabins or on the trail, and touch the lives of all the travelers they encounter.



Tinman is a big-hearted beast who has such ease and grace when he falls into rhythm that it’s easy to forget about him. For a big guy he moves with amazing smoothness. He’s a complete spaz until the moment his belly is rubbed, at which point he melts into ecstatic reveries. He’s one of the best people we know.  

*Tin is sponsored by Connie Kirtley in honor of Philip Kirtley.*


Age: 6
Weight: 65 lbs. 
Position: Team
Bloodlines: Sass (Silver x Chicken)


T-Bone is a real knockout. His perfect coat, gait, feet, appetite and demeanor made him an easy choice for the father of our first litter at Hey Moose! T-Bone can reel you in from across the yard with his adorable head-tilt and belly rub preparations. Brother of Littlehead and Kabob.

*T-Bone is sponsored by Ian Kemp.*


Stats: Yukon Quest veteran
Age: 6
Weight: 55 lbs. 
Position: Team
Bloodlines: King (Merlot x Clipper)


Zigzag is one of the loveliest ladies you’ll ever meet. Her white and blonde coat is soft and thick, her legs are long and strong and her golden eyes are full of love. Nobody has a better appetite or a steadier work ethic than Zigzag. Her calming presence is felt by the whole team, especially yearlings who are learning the ropes. No wonder she’s the mama of two great litters!

*Zigzag is sponsored by Reid Peifer.*


Iditarod Veteran
Age: 11
Weight: 55 lbs. 
Position: Puppy Trainer/Yard Matron
Bloodlines: Williams Jr.


Norton is the sweetest bear in the whole world. Nobody gives better hugs than Norton, who wraps his arms tightly around your waist and lays back his ears. Norton is an enthusiastic and fearless leader. Not many are stronger or more eager to go than Norty-Nort!

*Norton is sponsored by Gerry and Bobbie Hertel.*


Yukon Quest Veteran
Age: 7
Weight: 70 lbs. 
Position: Lead
Bloodlines: Mackey/Smyth (Trunk x Stumpy)


Trixie encompasses all that we hoped for when we bred T-Bone and Zigzag. She has her parents’ beauty, grace, speed and irrepressible love of food. She is such a sweetheart and loves going on adventures.


Stats: Copper Basin 300 Veteran
Age: 5
Weight: 45 lbs. 
Position: Team
Bloodlines: King/Williams Jr. (T-Bone x Zigzag)


Kitty is something of a miracle. At four months old, she broke her paw and had to be in an adorable pink (then purple) cast for two months. Looking at her now, you can’t even tell! She is as smoothly gaited and crazy to run as the rest of her siblings. Kitty’s favorite trick is crawling all the way up you until she is perched on your shoulder like a little parrot. We love this little gal and are so impressed with her big heart and love of running.


Age: 4
Weight: 40 lbs. 
Position: Team/Lead
Bloodlines: King (Solo x Kabob)


Brother to Doug, Andy dog shows the same tireless dedication to the trail. His enthusiasm to run and his effortless trot at high speeds are lovely to watch. He is one of the sweetest fellas you’ll ever meet, once he decides to let you near him. Andy is a long-legged, joyous running machine who loves to nibble on tree branches. and no, we didn’t name him, and yes, it is a curious thing to stand on the runners and say one’s own name. 


Stats: Iditarod veteran, Yukon Quest veteran
Age: 7
Position: Lead/Team
Bloodlines: Mackey ( Brook X Actor)


Doug is crazy, and gets so excited that he regularly howls in harness. He is a real motivator and his energy and appetite are bottomless. He loves to stare into your eyes after a good hard run and give sweet fish-breath kisses. But more than anything, Doug loves the ladies.

*Doug is sponsored by Marcia Bresson.*


Stats: Copper Basin 300 finisher
Age: 7
Weight: 65 lbs. 
Position: Team
Bloodlines: Mackey (Brook x Actor)