Preseason Update

It's been a predictably hectic summer season here at Hey Moose! Kennel. We've had the full host of ups & downs, from the great joy of being joined by three new puppies to the regrettable confrontation between our truck & a moose to the terrifying grizzly visitor we had at the dog yard. We've busied ourselves with the construction of more heat pens, a safer exit trail & a thousand small things besides. & though the rain has been almost inescapable up until August, we've managed to make headway with all of the projects we need to have in place before snow flies. We wanted to fill you in on our winter plans. The big news, of course, is that Kristin has signed up for the 2015 Yukon Quest 1,000 Mile International Sled Dog Race. She'll be starting in Whitehorse, Canada, & mushing her way to Fairbanks. The race starts on February 7, when we average close to five hours of sunlight & when temperatures plummet to 50 below fairly regularly. The Yukon Quest has eight checkpoints along the way, so Kristin & the dogs will grow accustomed to camping along the trail or holing up in hospitality cabins along the way. It is very much a wilderness race that exposes its athletes to an unfiltered interaction with everything winter has to offer. We are so thrilled to be running the Quest as our first 1,000 mile race.

In preparation, we'll be running two teams in the Copper Basin 300 in January. Kristin ran a team last year & did a wonderful job. She's eager to return with a firsthand knowledge of the trail & with a dog team that knows every bend & turn along the way. It will be a great training run for the Quest & will allow her a chance to look over the core group of dogs she'll be taking along the 1,000 miler. Andy will be running the B team, showing the yearlings all the joys of racing, likely at a more leisurely pace. It's going to be a thrill for us to have two teams in a race for the first time.

We'll also be heading out to Eureka for our annual visit with the humans & dogs of Squid Acres & Wild & Free. We'll see if we can't put together another Eureka Invitational this year. It's a wonderful chance to expose all of our dogs to race-like conditions while spending time with some of our favorite people.

Andy will likely be doing one more race as well, but time will tell which one. Additionally, after our life-changing expedition in the Arctic last year, we're eager to get out for some extended trips with the dogs on our own time as well. We may be spending a good portion of time out at Wonder Lake in Denali National Park, & afterwards, we'll be trucking up the Dalton Highway to head back into the vast paradise of the Itkillik Valley again. When you find a place that fills you with that much wonder, you'd be crazy not to return. It's such a rich & unparalleled experience for dogs & humans alike-- we think about it literally every day.

It's going to be a full season, start to finish. We're presently in the process of querying potential sponsors, updating our website for the coming season & putting together some Hey Moose! Kennel merchandise. We're also designing a by-the-mile sponsorship program for Kristin's Quest bid, so keep your eyes peeled on the site for updates in that regard.

As always, our success here continues to depend on the hard work of family, friends & fans. A huge thank you to Andy's brother Jason for keeping up our website, Kristin's brother Jared for his continued media support in the form of awesome videos (more to come!) & to all of the sponsors & fans that have visited & helped us along the way.